Want to Get an Enticing Viewing Experience: Wall Mount Your Television

Flat-screen televisions have become increasingly popular in Australia, and this trend might continue for many more years to come. Besides saving space, it also increases your room’s aesthetic and enhances your viewing experience.

You may also eradicate the need to clean off that massive entertainment unit. While the installation is a little tricky, it is always advisable to opt for a professional service. A qualified professional can hang a television on the wall safely and take care of all the tedious work.

So, whether you’ve recently acquired or currently possess a flat-screen TV, you might want to consider TV wall mounting Brisbane. However, before we go any further, it’s essential to grasp the many types of wall mounts available.

Different Types of Wall Mounts

There are a variety of wall mounts to choose from. You may choose these options as per your requirement:

1. Flat Mount

This is the most basic wall mount and is commonly included with most TVs. Its slim design keeps the TV close to the wall it’s mounted on. You may not be able to adjust to the viewing angle or position. They usually rely on clips and are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and usually the most secure.

2. Hook Mount

This wall mount attaches to the TV with hooks, and the TV can be removed as needed. This allows simpler access to the TV’s connections and facilitates cleaning.

Note: Most flat mounts now use a hook-like technique of attachment to the main bracket, replacing hook mounts.

3. Tilt Mount

Similar to a flat mount, this has the option to tilt or rotate the TV for optimal positioning. You may easily alter the viewing angle. However, this wall mount is best suited for smaller TVs.

4. Full-Motion Mount

This is considered to be the most advanced and expensive TV wall mount. It allows the TV to be tilted to the viewer’s position and works best in large rooms with lots of seating.

Note: It is also suitable for professional settings like conference rooms etc.

Some mounts give the option of an extending arm. You may use it to access ports on the TV’s back. It is the most versatile and user-friendly and is usually available for all TV sizes.

TV Wall Mounting Brisbane: Why to Choose?

TV wall mounting chores need various skills, including drilling, measuring, and heavy lifting. However, you need not worry as these professionals will care for everything. Apart from these, taking services from professionals possess several additional significant advantages, which include the following:

  • The professionals will take accurate measures to guarantee that your television is hung straight and even.
  • The height of your television is vital and must be hung at the viewer’s eye level. Of course, this depends on your couch’s height and the TV’s size. Having a professional wall mount your television will save your neck and eyes.
  • Professional TV mounting protects your TV from poor installation, slippery hands, or the wrong mounting mechanism for your TV. Having a specialist install your TV reduces the risk of hearing it crash to the floor.
  • Televisions have become significantly lighter since the days of cumbersome, massive sets, but they are still a big thing to hang on your wall. Because this is a lot of weight on your wall, any missteps could permanently damage it. To avoid a drywall mishap, get a professional to hang the television appropriately and safely.

Final Notes

Every year, TVs get thinner and bigger, and how we display them changes. The wooden corner TV cabinet is obsolete, as are slender TV cabinets. As TVs grow increasingly incorporated into our lives, wall mounting is becoming more popular.

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