Ring Patterns that look good with formal dresses

Regular ring wearers often are in this dilemma to pair a good ring design with their formal dresses. While some designs are too bold, others are just too sparkly and distracting to be worn for a formal event with appropriate clothing. To ease your confusion, read on to find about these popular ring patterns that go perfectly well with formal dresses.

1. Simple solitaire

This classic design is loved by everyone alike. The reason a simple solitaire is widely chosen as the wedding ring or engagement rings London is mainly because those who want a little bit sparkle on their metal can easily flaunt this without looking too showy. The simple solitaire is one single diamond stone on a metal band. The size of the diamond can be customised according to preference. This design goes well with all the attires, including formal dresses. You can wear it along with your office suit or a formal uniform for work, college or any other place. Even though the rock is quite solid on this design, the entire pattern is subtle and does not overpower your formal outfit in any way.

2. Plain metal band

Since ages a plain metal band has been worn as a wedding ring and even otherwise. For those who think sparkles are a bit too much, metal is the perfect fit. There are quite a few options and patterns available in metal. One can opt for the regular yellow gold or white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, aluminium, titanium, etc. Your ring can be either plain or textures, engraved, with or without a border. There are many possibilities to explore. The monotone of the ring makes it a perfect fit for formal dresses. You can match it with the rest of your jewellery as well. 

3. Small square cut diamond

Some people think of solitaire mainly as a wedding or engagement ring. If you’re looking for something similar, but not one that screams matrimony, then you could go for the square cut smaller diamond ring. The band on this is thinner and the diamond is really tiny, kind of like a dot. This is one of the favourite designs for young girls. It does no attract unnecessary attention to the ring and can be worn with any kind of formal dress too.

4. Infinity ring

Not a fan of big studs, but find a plain metal band boring as well? Then the perfect middle way is an infinity ring. This design has the metal band entirely studded with diamonds or any other stones of your choice. Since the diamonds are small in size, the overall look of the ring isn’t too showy or flashy. It gets just the right amount of attention to your finger. You can pair this with diamond studs for earrings with formal dresses.

5. Halo diamond ring with smaller stones

A halo ring is an upgrade to the simple solitaire. This might not be for people with simple tastes, but we still recommend this with formal dresses, because it looks bomb too. The centre stone can be smaller in size since the halo design is meant to make the diamond look bigger. There are varieties in patterns for the lab grown diamonds london halo ring as well. But regardless of the design, you’ll definitely be appreciated for pairing this with our formal attire.

You can be as creative as you wish in finalizing your formal outfit and the more comfortable you are in carrying your ring, the more it will show.

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