Best POP Ceiling Design For Your Living Spaces

What’s great about a room? Is it the furniture or ceiling, the paint, the bed? These are all merged! The design of the ceiling may even change the softer spaces! Including ceiling designs, fake ceilings are the most common. Wood, MDF, POP, gypsum – these are generally fake ceiling designs.

Whether you’re in the living room, bedroom, dining room, or wherever else in the house, fake POP decks may be used to cover the ceilings or to hide central air conditioning equipment. False ceilings may be customized in numerous colors, styles, and sizes, from modern to elaborate traditional patterns, to make your living room appear large and rich.

In this article, we will see the uses of Plaster of Paris (POP) in the POP ceiling. We will also see a POP false ceiling design so that you could get some ideas for your home.

What Is Plaster Of Paris (POP)?

Over the years, designers have resorted to Paris Plaster (POP) to create an additional depth to their walls and ceilings. Know the physics behind this all-around substance to understand how POP works! POP is the white powder of solid gypsum heated till its hydration water is lost.

If water is added to the powder again at 1:2, it is a paste that hardens in approximately an hour. Artists that are working with POP tease it in many watery forms. In fake ceilings and cornice works, POP can be employed to advantage. It can also be modeled as walls or sculptures.

With fiberglass or wooden molds, the POP mix may be readily fitted into the required form. The POP may be fastened into the wall or ceiling once in the form of the mold. Then the trousers can be filled with more paste.

How To Use POP For Ceiling Pop Design?

1. Planning POP Ceiling Design For Bedroom

The walls of the apartment are typically uneven. You could have been informed that a POP puncture layer will assist the surface to level out. Your painter will apply a POP slurry to the walls and flake it with a trowel. After it has been dry, the sandpapers are applied to the walls with an almost flawless satin-soft finish.

pop ceiling design

2. Textures For POP Ceiling Design In Bedroom

Texture production is another unique technique to conceal wall flaws. You may use POP paste and a few simple instruments. If the POP is still wet, a comb, trowel or even a bundle of jute fiber can be used to make patterns. The surface can be textured in solid colors.

pop ceiling design

3. Murals For POP Ceiling Design For House

A POP wall may be an amazing show stander in your living room on a focal wall. It might also offer some nice visual relief above your bed headboard.

pop ceiling design

4. Niches POP Ceiling Designs

The POP niche can also be created for experiments. You may place or construct a partition wall using POP. We appreciate how this designer has built niches with L form. These are backlit and colorful to attract curiosity!

pop ceiling design

5. Cornice Work POP Design Ceiling

At the intersection between wall and ceiling, POP cornices are frequently employed. These make the space appear wealthy and magnificent. The cornices are made using molds and fixed using screws. The precise length necessary may be simply trimmed to the POP. By filling the spaces with POP-slurry, the edges may be cut and completed flawlessly.

pop ceiling

6. Pilasters Ceiling Design POP

Decorative features are pilasters. They give the traditionally thematic decor a rich traditional appearance. Like cornices, these patterns are custom-made and constructed on the spot using specific molds. The surface may be smoothed and polished in any color once the POP has dried.

pop ceiling

7. Moldings POP Ceiling Design For Hall

The distinction between the colors may be defined using POP moldings when utilizing two colors in the walls or ceiling. The POP panels on the surface can be attached to the patterns. Or you may work the designs with a trowel and a chisel into the surface.

pop false ceiling

8. Ceiling POP In Pooja Rooms

For the embellishment of pooja mandapas, POP cornices, moldings, pilasters, and ornaments are utilized. Since POP can be readily formed and shaped, it can easily be fitted to any ornamental design. For all sorts of adding to the Room of Pooja, it is thus the preferred material.

pop false ceiling

What Is POP False Ceiling Design?

POP or Paris Plaster is a standard material that is used for the construction of false ceilings, wall trimming, and other decorative accents. The substance consists of a fast-setting, white gypsum powder. This site is combined with lightweight and heat-resistant material and makes the ceiling beautiful.

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Why Is False POP Design For Ceiling So Popular?

For aesthetics or illumination, artificial ceilings in many urban homes (especially POP false ceilings) are normally applicable. False POP ceilings have several advantages over other materials such as gypsum, making them a favorite choice for house owners. The primary reason is that POP can be molded into amazing patterns.

How To Choose POP Ceiling Design For Living Room & Drawing Room?

  • You may choose inventive designs with a blend of forms and lighting instead of a plain one by selecting ceiling designs for the living room. However, if you have an attractive design and good lighting if you have a combined drawing room and dining room.
  • Arrange the right lighting settings in the living room for the wrong ceiling. The powerful LED lights that fit the ceiling idea can be used. Alternatively, you may also try out big candlesticks or hanging lights, making your room more stylish and attractive.
  • While the most popular hue is white, you may make your space look larger in other bright colors. For a regal appearance, you can experience beige and golden colors. The texture of your ceiling can be added, for a modern design, such as wooden, rustic, or metallic.
  • You have no reason to keep to your ceiling rectangle and square designs. Curves, arcs, and circles are popular and with these patterns, you may build a fresh appearance. This is a wonderful concept for breaking symmetry and providing a modern atmosphere for your home. These forms can also be utilized, as opposed to other decorative components.
  • The roof might appear to be taller with lighter hues than those on the walls, making the space look wider than that.
  • The perfect thing to do if the space is full of bright colors or has many components like furnishing, painting, decorations, and upholstery is to choose a white ceiling shade.
  • Dark colors as hollow greys, navy blue, or black chocolate are great for white wall spaces since they provide an incredible contrast.
  • You may also use the same color on the walls and the roof when you create a fake ceiling. The color choices used should, however, vary according to room size.

Best POP False Ceiling Designs

You can choose the best POP ceiling from the catalog given below:

1. Ceiling To Wall

A big false cap does not please everyone. If you want to make your bedroom something smart and easy, take this POP ceiling design into account. The wall paneling ceiling is modest and takes too little area. The wallpaper also offers a modern appearance.

2. Inverted Cove

The inverted cove style is another current design style of POP ceilings. Our designer has built a fake POP ceiling with an inverted beach in this house in the living room. Not only does the orange color emphasize the cove but fits the case. The usage of track lights is also an interesting alternative instead of recessed lighting.

3. A Dash Of Glamour

Who does not like glamour or luxury?! A fake POP ceiling may be a simple way without getting crazy to give a little pizazz to your space. This bedroom, for example, is quite basic and modest. However, the smart, curving fake POP ceiling with circular beacons gives the required jazz touch!

4. Plus Minus POP Design

The Plus-Minus POP Design is a sort of ceiling design where the normal fake ceiling contains protrusions or tucked-in parts. This amazing POP ceiling design draws attention quickly. While POP ceiling designs are more complex, it is also possible to choose a plain one.

5. Unique Box Designs

Looking for a distinctive ceiling design? Then you appreciate this notion of fake ceiling POP! Our designer used POP to construct a fake ceiling using boxes in this Livspace house. It’s stylish and voguish because of the monochrome tones.

6. Hide AC Vents

A good approach to create a relaxing ambiance in the bedroom is to produce soft, shadows in the fake ceiling. The designer experimented with the ceiling utilizing POP forms with varying levels. He employed small spotlight combinations and concealed band lights to provide a gentle glow.

7. POP Coffer Ceilings

For both utilitarian and cosmetic purposes, POP ceilings may be employed. Space over the ceiling can be used to cover air-conditioning and electrical wiring with service lines. They also offer thermal insulation and insulate the room.

8. Hidden Lighting

Soft and concealed lights in the fake ceiling are an excellent method of making the bedroom seem comfortable. The designer experimented on the ceiling utilizing different POP forms at different levels. He utilized little flashes and concealed lights to produce a delicate glitter.

Things To Consider For Ceiling POP Design Small Hall

  • Before you move into the new house, try making the ceiling. If you renovate your home and you want to add a fake ceiling to your current design, you may use specialists who can do the work early. POP (Plaster of Paris) may produce a lot of mess and put you away from the ceiling.
  • Certain ceilings need more headroom than others. So, get the height verified before you start the installation. Also, you should be ready to expand or reduce a few centimeters as POP boards need room too.
  • Check to cover your whole surface, or only around the light fitting, should you want to construct a fake ceiling in your living room. This helps you to properly arrange your budget.

How To Choose Colours For Ceiling POP Design?

These are the best color combination for POP ceiling:

POP Ceiling Design

  • The colors of the ceiling improve the character of the place. But don’t overdo it, and keep it easy in regions where it is not possible to do it again.
  • The attention is placed on the walls and furniture with a white ceiling hue. Therefore, make sure you wear white on the ceiling if you choose bright wall hues.
  • The white ceiling may make the space look larger and brighter when you use pale colors on its walls.
  • You can put a dark tone on the ceiling and apply a glossy version of the same color if you want a contrasting look. As the glaze softens the dramatic impact of the glaze from the surface reflects the light.
  • If you want to apply equal color to walls and ceilings, be sure to make your space smaller and more relaxed. It’s perfect for bedrooms and baths.

Advantages Of POP Ceiling Design

  • For living rooms, the fake ceilings are excellent, as they offer an extra layer to produce better acoustics in a room. False ceiling design and installation need exceptional precision and must be performed solely by specialists.
  • A fake ceiling is ideal for hiding chaotic cables. The recessed lights also may be fitted without worrying about the devices. At least 8 inches of the original ceiling wall should be falsified ceilings. Therefore, it is not viable for small houses with low-ceiling rooms.
  • In the room where upright gaps dim the furnishings, fake ceilings can restore proportions. The space may seem tightly squeezed ceilings. Therefore, the height of the room should be at least 11 ft.
  • The room isolates fake ceilings by trapping air and keeping the space colder. The operation of the air conditioner is also optimized because the overall space required for cooling is reduced.

Style Your House With Best POP Ceiling Design

False POP ceilings are generally highly long-lasting. However, the material utilized depends on it. High-end fake POP ceilings can survive for more than twenty years, whereas fake POP ceilings reveal cracks and cavities over five to six years. So, be sure that your contractors utilize only high-quality POP material if you invest in a POP ceiling. We hope our article on POP ceiling design helped you in putting some more style in your living space.

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