Best 4 Omegle IP puller Tricks

Omegle is mocked as an anonymous social networking site where you may communicate with random people. However, the fact that this chat platform is anonymous is cause for alarm. To begin chatting on Omegle, simply click the start a conversation button, and you will be paired with a stranger to speak with, no registration is necessary, and you are not even obliged to use a pseudonym.

This implies that Omegle members are free to lie or harass you at any time. If you suspect a stranger of lying about his location and want to find out where he is, the only method to do it is to obtain his IP address and use an Omegle IP puller. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to figure out the IP address for yourself. 

Even while Omegle records its users’ IP addresses, they only use them for internal purposes and will only divulge them if a court order is obtained, which you won’t be able to obtain until you have a case. Surprisingly, with a few methods, you can retrieve the IP address yourself. But what are those quick tricks?

Don’t panic. We got your backs, and we will teach you about the Omegle IP puller. Using our tricks, the Omegle IP puller task will reduce drastically. So, let’s begin with our informative guide!

Tricks Of IP Puller For Omegle

Omegle IP puller
Tricks Of IP Puller For Omegle

Here are the best tricks for the Omegle IP puller. Few of these tricks require technical knowledge but we will state down steps for everybody.

1. JavaScript: Best Programming Language Of IP Puller For Omegle

Omegle IP puller

Most web pages are built using the Javascript programming language. It assists websites with graphics, maps, and movies, among other things. You may acquire someone’s IP address by utilising specific Java script codes.

  • Open Chrome’s developer tools

This is a collection of tools that are already installed in your browser. It assists you in inspecting animations, using the Console, and running JavaScript. To open developer tools, go to the Chrome menu, select More Tools, and then click developer tools, google chrome.

  • Open Omegle

Here, you’ll need to open Omegle and initiate a video chat with your target. After then, their device will begin giving you protocols, which will include their IP address. All of the magic will be done through JavaScript console code.

  • Run Console

A Console is a Chrome extension that allows you to run JavaScript. Open a new tab and type the following code:

window.oRTCPeerConnection = window.oRTCPeerConnection || window.RTCPeerConnection

window.RTCPeerConnection = function(…args) {

const pc = new window.oRTCPeerConnection(…args)

pc.oaddIceCandidate = pc.addIceCandidate

pc.addIceCandidate = function(iceCandidate, …rest) {

const fields = iceCandidate.candidate.split(‘ ‘)

if (fields[7] === ‘srflx’) {

console.log(‘IP Address:’, fields[4])


return pc.oaddIceCandidate(iceCandidate, …rest)


return pc


  • Get The IP Address

You’ll get the IP address and location of the person you’re chatting with on Omegle after running the JavaScript. This is one of the simplest ways to retrieve someone’s IP address on Omegle without having any technical knowledge; it’s also quick and accurate. Isn’t this method for the Omegle IP puller phone easy, and flawless?

2. Omegle IP Locator: Easiest Way For Omegle IP Puller

Omegle IP puller
Omegle IP Locator

We are fortunate to have access to a wide range of plugins that make finding IP addresses and locations a breeze. The Omegle IP Locator and SYNRo Omegle IP Location are two of the available Omegle plugins. Here’s how to utilise them to locate an IP address.

  • Install the add-on

The first step is to visit the Omegle IP finder download page and check that the extension is downloaded and added to your browser.

  • Start A Conversation

Start a discussion with your target on Omegle after you’ve added the extension. Because video chat makes it simpler for the app to acquire data, it can be more dependable than text chat.

  • Find The IP Address

When you start a video chat with your target, your computer will create caller information. The extension merely captures it. You’ll be able to view their IP address and location, as well as their area, city, and internet provider. 

The Omegle IP finder is a useful tool for determining someone’s IP address. It is not only quick and dependable, but it also takes very little computer experience to finish.

3. Omegle IP Grabber: Fastest Method Of Omegle IP Puller

Omegle IP puller
Omegle IP Grabber

IP grabbers are one of the most common and straightforward methods of obtaining an IP address. These tools aid in the creation of a connection with strings connected. If you give the link to someone and they access it, the device can create information on them, such as their location and IP address.

There are a few IP grabbers available, but for this example, we’ll utilise the Grabify IP logger.

  • Select A Link

To obtain an IP address, you must offer your target a link and guarantee that they click on it. As a result, the link should be about something the target is interested in. You may send a movie, music, or even a meme as a message.

  • Shorten A Link

Open a Grabify page and paste the URL you previously picked at the top. Then select “build URL” from the drop-down menu. This allows the tool to shorten a URL and add a string that will be used to locate the target’s information.

  • Send The Link To User

Return to Omegle and transmit the link to the target in this stage. Ascertain that you’ve built a good relationship with the person and earned their trust. It would be ideal if you could also get them to click the link so you could obtain their information.

  • Fetch IP Address

You must return to Grabify once your victim has clicked the link. Fill in the slot at the top of the page with the shorter code you obtained before. Wait for the IP grabber to generate all of the information you need about your target by clicking the tracking code.

For locating IP addresses, IP grabbers are commonly employed. They’ve shown to be trustworthy, and obtaining someone’s IP address merely takes a few clicks.

4. Command Prompt: In-Built Method For Omegle IP Puller

Omegle IP puller
Command Prompt

A command prompt is included with every Windows PC. It allows you to input various instructions and control your machine. You may utilise the command prompt to retrieve people’s information and IP addresses.

  • Close Background Applications

Before you start utilising the command prompt, make sure you dismiss all open programmes on your computer except the Omegle tab in your browser. This is because the command prompt will produce all of the possible IP addresses for your machine.

  • Start Omegle Chat

Open the Omegle website in your browser and initiate a discussion with your target. A video may be more relevant than a standard discussion since it generates information faster.

  • Open Command Prompt

There are two methods for launching a command prompt. You may start by going to the start menu, then windows applications, and then the command prompt. Second, you may launch the command prompt by pressing Win+R and typing cmd.

  • Type Command

To create all incoming IP addresses, type “netstat-an” into the command prompt. The command prompt will now display a list of all IPs linked to your machine. If you had previously closed all active programmes, the only IP address displayed would be that of your Omegle target.

A command prompt is a powerful tool for obtaining IP addresses. The best part is that it is already installed by default on all Windows devices, so there is no need to pay for it.

Use Wireshark IP Puller Omegle

Omegle IP puller
Use Wireshark IP Puller Omegle

Wireshark is a tool for analysing network protocols. It provides you with an in-depth understanding of what is going on within your network. It won’t be difficult to obtain someone’s IP address once you have the software. Here are the steps to utilise Wireshark IP puller Omegle:

  • Download Wireshark

The first step is to find Wireshark on the internet and download it. You may then use it to examine network data by installing it on your PC.

  • Pick Network Device

When you first launch the app, you’ll be asked to select a network device. You should select the network device you’re using from a drop-down menu on the website.

  • Choose Protocols

When you select your network, the software will build several packages for your machine. Locate the search bar, click it, and put UDP into it. The number of packets created will be reduced as a result of this: One of them will probably be Omegle.

  • Know Your IP Address

You’ll need to know your IP address to filter and destroy unwanted items. Start a command prompt and enter “ipconfig” if you don’t know your IP address. Your IP address will be shown by the programme.

  • Start Omegle Conversation

Start a discussion with your target on the Omegle website. Because it produces all of the essential protocols, a video chat will be more reliable.

  • Examine Data Of Wireshark

You should be able to glance at your Wireshark window while continuing the video conference. Some of the packets will be transmitted to your IP address, as you will observe. The IP address of your Omegle target is included in the packets you are getting.

How To Prevent Yourself From Omegle IP Puller?

Omegle IP puller
Omegle IP Puller

On Omegle, there are a variety of services that may help you mask your IP address. Here are a few good examples to hide your IP address from the Omegle IP puller:

  • VPN Providers

  • Hotspot Shield is a company that offers both free and premium services. The Adblock plugin may be used to prevent adverts on the free service. It works by altering your IP address and obscuring your personal information while you’re on the site.
  • Google Chrome Hola Free VPN helps you change your IP address in browsers as you use them. It’s Google Chrome’s greatest effort. It includes a wide range of nation possibilities and is appropriate for removing Omegle’s prohibition.
  • Ultrasurf is one of the most effective techniques to conceal your IP address. It’s also completely free and trustworthy!
  • Proxy Services

One of the most effective ways to mask your IP address is to use a proxy service. Many proxy service providers charge reasonable fees for their services. But from this website, you can valuable and helpful info regarding proxy options. 

Use Omegle IP Puller With Responsibility

Omegle IP puller
Omegle IP Puller With Responsibility

It is not unlawful to find out someone’s Omegle IP address. You should be aware that IP addresses, while unique to devices, are public data that may be exploited to identify them. When a device makes a web request to the Internet, it sends them out. However, the purpose for which you use the IP address may be prohibited.

Because Omegle is an anonymous social media network, you won’t know who a person is unless he tells you about himself. Obtaining an Omegle’s IP address will supply you with information about his location and device. Any user’s IP address may be obtained using one of the methods of the Omegle IP puller listed above.

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