HP Laptop Battery Guide- Issues And How To Fix Them

Batteries are the working soul for any laptop. People select laptops with high battery life. This helps them to increase the portability of laptops. There are so many brands that offer great battery life. One such brand is HP that has made its name in the market. The HP laptop battery is known for providing high performance with the least drain.

One thing to note in the laptop batteries is that they are highly susceptible to getting faults after few months of usage. HP laptop battery isn’t any different. After few months of usage, the battery starts to drain quickly and users start to notice few other issues related to the battery.

If you own an HP laptop and you’re having any battery issues, then we got you covered. In this article, we will discuss various issues related to HP laptop battery. We will also cover HP laptop battery replacement. Let us jump straight in without wasting any time.

HP Laptop Battery Replacement

The laptop battery is not supposed to live forever should you not have detected it. You may have discovered that your laptop just has to be charged hours to shut down battery power in a short time.

hp laptop battery

However, there is positive news. So this section shows you how to replace the battery for HP laptop if the HP laptop battery not charging.

  • Buy a new HP battery for a laptop.
  • Create a Windows battery report.
  • Turn off your laptop from the power supply.
  • Remove a screwdriver from the rear of the laptop.
  • Remove the batteries from your old ones.
  • Join the body of your laptop with your new battery.
  • Substitute the rear panel.
  • Confirm new battery report performance.

Let’s get started:

1. Purchase A New Battery For HP Laptop

You first need to order a new battery before you consider opening your computer and commencing this process. Before going online to find a replacement battery, determine your serial number and the firm your computer is produced by. Also, you may observe whether throughout your search you can readily identify a model and a serial number of the battery itself.

If you’re not sure how to obtain a substitute HP laptop battery, you have a few options:

To identify the correct replacement, use the battery finder tool.
Refers to a third-party website if you need to replace an outdated computer’s Battery

If you ask “how much battery is a laptop?” Knowing that pricing will differ based on the age of your laptop is crucial. If you want one for an older computer, it may also be harder and more costly to obtain a new battery. Make sure that you evaluate the battery replacement costs against the new laptop cost.

2. Create A Battery Report For HP Laptop Battery Not Charging

You should have an understanding of how well your battery performs before doing an HP battery replacement. With its battery report, Windows has made this simple. This is how the report may be generated:

  • To open a prompt command, click in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  • Enter and type “Powercgg/battery Report”.
  • A battery status report should be saved.
  • To discover and see the battery report, click on your user folder.

This report gives a summary of how the battery was used in the last three charging cycles. To find out whether the battery is worth changing, check the design capability vs the full charge capacity.

If you make a huge difference when you unbox your computer and now, the way the battery can hold, then replacement is probably needed.

3. Disconnect Your Laptop From The Power Source

This is the easiest stage but it has to be repeated. You will also want to make sure that you have removed the laptop from the power supply as well as fully turning it down.

4. Remove The Back Panel Of Your Laptop With A Screwdriver

The rear panel must be removed for battery substitution on most HP laptops. You may need to buy either a Phillips-head #0 screwdriver or a laptop opening kit which are both economical and can simplify the installation procedure. You may have to remove rubber feet from the rear panel before you can get onto the battery, however, it varies on your HP laptop model.

Use a plastic opening tool to remove the body of your laptop, so that you can remove the screws. Use the Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws on the rear of the laptop and remove them gently. You may need the plastic tool to loosen the edges again. In a corner, it is often simpler to start and carefully remove the panel, but be sure that the components are not damaged inside.

5. Remove Your Laptop Battery

Use your Phillips screwdriver to screw the screws within the body of the computer keeping your battery in place. After it is loosened, the wire that links your battery to your system must be disconnected. Be careful when doing so since these pieces are sensitive and, if you damage them, you might create future difficulties.

Make sure the battery is removed from your smartphone completely. Release the new battery from the package and ensure that any plastics are clear. Twice verify that your device has the right battery so that compatibility does not cause problems. Put your laptop battery in the slot and ensure that it is well-aligned.

6. Connect Your New Battery

You can start the new battery connection process at this point. You have to reverse the procedures you have just performed to get your computer up and running again once you enter the new battery.

  • Carefully connect the wire to the new battery on your computer.
  • Return your battery to your smartphone body.
  • Make sure that the battery is in place securely, but not tightly, otherwise certain components might damage.

7. Replace The Back Panel

Before you use your Phillips screwdriver to re-enclose your cover to the rest of your laptop. Again, you want to make sure that things don’t go too tight or too loose since one might damage your gadget either. If your computer has them, replace the rubber floor on the bottom of your laptop.

8. Confirm Performance With A New Battery Report

Once all is aligned and restored, connect your computer to a power source. Turn on your laptop after a few minutes of loading to check sure everything begins correctly. You will want to conduct another battery report to check what your design capabilities are and whether everything looks the way you would anticipate. If so, you may use your laptop again – with the correct battery life this time!

How To Check For HP Laptop Battery Recall?

In 2018, when HP found out that certain of its laptop battery batteries might overheat and catch fire, it issued a battery recall. At the time, HP provided the procedures that you required to examine whether the reminder affected the battery of your laptop.

HP has widened the recall and offered an invitation for consumers, even if they have been previously approved, to check their batteries. Only this time HP published a tool that tests if your battery is retrieved and has to be changed instead of inputting a serial number on a website.

It should be repeated, HP states that you must verify again when your battery was tested and the recall was initially publicized. Overheating batteries represent a fire risk, so take a few minutes to check your battery again.

Steps To Check For Recall Of HP Battery For Laptop

As noted earlier, your device’s serial number has to be found and entered on a specific website. HP now offers a program that you must download, install and execute for validation. The recall webpage may be downloaded from the tool. The link to the download is found under the name HP Battery Validation Utility download section Getting Started.

The device will put the battery in battery safety mode, which allows you to still use the laptop as long as it is connected to an HP power adapter if it deems your battery needs to be changed. During this period the battery will not charge, so that any risk may be eliminated. The battery is changed with HP free of charge once in the Save Battery mode.

How To Fix A Battery For HP Laptop That’s Plugged In But Not Charging

hp laptop battery replacement

Here’s how to an HP original battery if it’s plugged in but not charging:

  • Search the Device Manager, or right-click Start and select Device Manager.
  • To enlarge it, click the Batteries list and see two items: ACPI-Compliant Method Battery and Microsoft AC Adapter.
  • Right-click on each item and select Device Uninstall. Yes, you are deleting the battery driver for your laptop but don’t fear because when you restart your laptop, they will be immediately re-installed.
  • Shut the laptop down.
  • Clear your laptop’s power cord.
  • Remove the battery from your laptop.
  • If you removed it, put the battery back in.
  • Your laptop plug-in.
  • Your laptop is powered.
  • On the system tray, click on the battery symbol and see that your laptop will be connected and charged.

This was how to fix an original HP pavilion battery. Now let us see how to replace an HP Envy laptop battery.

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HP Envy Laptop Battery Replacement

Although Envy’s battery price is lower than HP Pavilion battery price, it’s worth it to put a new battery for HP laptop.

1. Check The HP Laptop Battery Price

Go to the official website of HP, and check the price of HP battery. The official website of HP will provide you with the HP laptop battery price original. So, order your new HP laptop battery using the official site.

2. Start With The Battery

Plugin your computer to load and see the light from the recharge port.

  • If your computer is a constant orange or white, it should generally be charged and the guide is no longer essential.
  • If the light is white blind you do not charge your computer correctly and the following step should be taken.

3. Flip The Laptop

  • Flipping the computer over the back to uncover two centers 6.0mm Phillips head torches by removing the two stickers placed in the center.
  • Remove from the case the two Phillips 6.0 mm screws.

4. Unscrew The Back Panel

  • The rest of the 6,0 mm Phillips head screw remains unscrewed till the keyboard is not connected to the box any longer.
  • Before the keyboard is free, 12 more screws should be removed (10 apparent plus 2 below the rubber bumpers toward the back of the laptop).

5. Reveal The Underneath Parts

  • When you have all the screws out, turn over your laptop and open the deck to make the keyboard face up.
  • Pop the keyboard out of the sides and remove it carefully out of the components below.

6. Cover Keyboard Area

  • Lay your keyboard part carefully without plugging anything against your laptop’s open screen.
  • Check the laptop inside to ensure that there are no visible faults (insects, missing parts, scorched parts).

7. Plug The Battery Cable

  • Place the battery and the Phillips head three 4.0 mm screws that hold it.
  • Remove these three screws from the laptop with the tab linked to the battery.

8. Unplug The Charging Cable

  • Return the battery to the previous location and locate it.
  • Often this gets partially disconnected, due to ordinary wear and use, and the laptop is no longer charged correctly.
  • Connect the cable back to the battery port and ensure it is securely on the motherboard.

9. Secure The Motherboard

  • When the battery is removed, connect the charge cord to the charging port on the side and connect the other end to the wall. If the light is on after the battery has been plugged in, you have just proven that anything goes wrong, therefore you’re on the proper road!
  • When the battery blows on the side when it is connected, the battery does not cause a problem. Put your laptop together and see a specialist, if that is the case.
  • Remove the cable loading.

10. Run Tests

Run the previous Step 7 test on the laptop with the internal battery. During this stage do not switch on or touch an internal component.
You’ve addressed the problem when the light goes on and doesn’t flicker! Congratulations! You might have to buy a new battery for your laptop if the indicator still blinks.

A-Z Of HP Laptop Battery Issues

This article will serve as a complete guide to fixing the HP laptop battery issues. We hope the steps are clear, and it solves your problem.

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